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Snapshots of the projects noted below are in the following format:

  • Project / Location
  • Rating System / Award Level / Date Certified
  • Spinnaker Services -- e.g., Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
  • Architect / Owner / Contractor
  • Square Footage  

John Knox Village New Health Center / Pompano Beach, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning
John Knox Village of Florida
124,880 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning for this 124,880 sq ft health center for 144 residents. The project is located in a Continuing Care Retirement Community within a 65-acre campus. The first level has a bistro and rehab facility, and the upper levels have apartments for residents. The project achieved LEED Gold certification in 2016.

Naples Botanical Garden / Naples, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 2/25/2015
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning
Lake Flato / B. Holley - Naples Botanical Garden / Manhattan Construction
13,707 sf

This 35,000-sf expansion of Naples Botanical Garden in Naples helped complete the overall masterplan for the 160-acre site. Achieving LEED for New Construction Gold, the expansion featured adding a visitor's center that included ticketing, retail, exhibit, auditorium, dining and other visitor amenities. The award-winning garden features plants of the Caribbean, Brazil, Southeast Asia, and, of course, Southwest Florida, and incorporates extensive natural areas with developed gardens to create an engaging and varied visitor experience. It's an exceptional venue for education and research, with internationally significant plant collections and a beautiful context for events relating to art and culture. This project become the first significant subtropical public garden constructed in the 21st century.

Broken Sound Club Fitness and Spa / Boca Raton, FL
LEED NC / Certified / 3/8/2015
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Peacock and Lewis / Broken Sound Club
32,285 sf

Brighton Elder Activity Center / Okeechobee, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 9/6/2012
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
Noell Wainwright Architects / M Cypress - Seminole Tribe of Florida
15,198 sf

St. Leo the Great Catholic Church / Bonita Springs, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 1/1/2011
Spinnaker Services: Commissioning
Architecture Inc. / Bandi
52,405 sf

Camp Sawyer / West Summerland Key, FL
LEED v4.1 OM / Gold / August 2019
Spinnaker Services: Pro Bono Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
10,257 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided pro bono LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning and Energy Modeling for this 10,257 sf, one story amenity facility built on stilts, including sustainable features such as a rainwater harvesting system and a solar photovoltaic system. It was built for the Boy Scouts of America on West Summerland Key. Camp Sawyer, at the Edward B. Knight Scout Reservation, is a nine-acre camp site in the Florida Keys. The project was registered in 2009 with a focus on LEED-NC v2009; however, though many green features were achieved, the owners declined to take the final steps to achieve certification. The project was completed in 2011.

Edgar Mills Community Center / Fort Lauderdale, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 6/8/2011
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
IBI Group / Broward County
50,000 sf

Skate Free Miami / Lot 11 / Miami, FL
SITES (See More SITES Projects Here)
Spinnaker Services: SITES Consulting
City of Miami / MEP Consulting Engineers
45,000 sf

There has long been a skateboard scene in Miami -- skaters from all over travel to skate the city's unique blend of architecture and tropical landscapes -- and for just as long there has been a gaping hole in its recreational services for skaters. With the opening of the state-of-the-art Skate Free Miami / Lot 11 in November 2019, an inspiring home for skateboarders was born. A first-of-its-kind project for the South Florida region, Skate Free Miami features multiple skate areas catering to all skill levels and styles, including challenging contest courses, bowl and transition sections, a "real street" section, and a flexible beginner's area. The Spinnaker Group provided SITES consulting services for this unique project. SITES certification is given to landscapes, site infrastructure and spaces that demonstrate a high level of environmental and social sustainability. The Sustainable SITES Initiative works for all types of projects with or without a building -- including parks, university campuses and commercial headquarters -- for new construction or major renovation of existing sites. The SITES checklist for the Spinnaker team for Skate Free Miami included registering the project for SITES certification, completing construction, and finalizing operations and maintenance procedures as part of the performance period before submitting for certification. Features of the 45,000 sf project include utilization of a unique "saltwater concrete" with basalt rebar to make the hardscape more resilient to saltwater inundation and sea-spray. The landscape is nearly 100% native and completely drought-tolerant. It is built under the I-95 overpass to repurpose an abandoned city parking lot. The site includes BUG-rated lighting fixtures, remediated soils, efficient irrigation ... and more. 

Coconut Grove Playhouse / Coconut Grove, FL 
Tracking LEED Silver
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
City of Miami / Arquitectonica
39,615 sf

The Coconut Grove Playhouse is a theatre in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami. The building was originally constructed as a movie theater called the Player's State Theater. It opened on January 3, 1927, as a part of the Paramount chain. The theater has been shuttered since 2006 when the state-owned facility ceased operations. The county took over the property and, in conjunction with Florida International University, commissioned Arquitectonica to be the project architect and to come up with a redevelopment plan for the Playhouse. The Spinnaker Group is providing LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning, and Energy Modeling for the project, which is tracking LEED Silver certification. The renovated playhouse will have 311 seats with supportive areas such as dressing rooms, administrative offices and costume rooms totaling 28,460 sf. Additionally, a new five-story building with 300 parking spaces and 33,580 sf of office space will replace a parking lot adjacent to the theater. Approximately 13,000 sf of existing retail space will be expanded by another 3,175 sf and given a modernized look with large windows. The surrounding community is looking forward to this historic gem being reopened in the near future. 

Miami Beach Convention Center / Miami Beach, FL
LEED Silver / August 2020
Spinnaker Services: Building Commissioning and Measurement & Verification Plan
City of Miami Beach / Fentress Architects
600,00+ sf

The Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) achieved LEED Silver Certification as designated by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) for its environmental performance and sustainable operations in August 2020. The project received the prestigious Innovative Project of the Year - Resilience Award for 2021 from US Green Building Council Florida.

These exciting achievements recognized environmentally friendly infrastructure and practices installed at the venue as part of its $620-million-dollar renovation, an expansion project that included many environmentally friendly features:

  • The site itself offers easy access to alternative transportation, including public transportation options and charging stations for fuel efficient vehicles. The site maximizes open spaces, transforming six acres of asphalt into a vibrant public park, thereby reducing heat island effect and relocating parking to the venue’s roof. The landscape design preserved more than 200 existing trees and planted a new canopy of 1,300 more, promoting incorporated irrigation and environmental stabilization through plant species selection.
  • Installation of reduced-flow water faucets and flush fixtures at the MBCC increase water efficiency, with an expected 36% reduction in water consumption, translating into an annual savings of about 115,000 gallons of water. Reduced energy consumption (of about 15% overall) is supported by sun-shading "fins" along the exterior perimeter of the building preventing excessive solar heat gain. The venue leverages daylight in public spaces to reduce the need for artificial lighting, and uses high-efficiency LED lighting and occupant light sensors throughout the venue to achieve reduced energy consumption. MBCC went through a comprehensive building Commissioning and Measurement & Verification process to further enhance performance of the building's energy systems.
  • Approximately 69% of the MBCC building is retained and renovated, and more than 90% of the construction waste from the project was recycled, re-used or otherwise diverted from the waste stream. Recycled steel content accounted for more than 75% of the structure steel in the project. There is also recycled content in the finishes, metal framing, curtain wall systems, and doors and hardware systems.
  • The stormwater drainage system for this project is intended to reduce or eliminate water pollution by increasing on-site filtration, removing contaminants from the stormwater runoff prior to outfall through a series of catch basins and conveyance system to two different outfalls, with the Collins Canal as the final receiving waterbody. Two stormwater pump stations with high-water quality treatment systems are on site, designed to capture and treat 100% of the average annual site rainfall and further reduce water pollution by removing 80% of the total suspended solids that enter the pumps.
  • Sea-level rise (a critical concern for the City of Miami Beach) is addressed in several ways. Mangrove habitats and native vegetation was restored along Collins Canal Park. Critical building systems such as emergency generators, communication systems, electrical switchgear, electrical panels and emergency responder radio enforcement systems were raised above new flood level requirements. In addition, the first floor of the venue was raised by four inches to meet the current building code requirements.

The MBCC is the centerpiece to Miami Beach’s meetings and conventions industry. Re-imagined following the renovation, the expanded MBCC includes a new 60,000 sf Grand Ballroom, almost 500,000 sf of exhibition space, an expanded Grand Lobby, pre-function areas that are bathed in natural light, up to 84 breakout rooms, almost 2,100 miles of cabling to support all IT communications, $7.1 million dollars' worth of art curated by the City of Miami Beach Art in Public Places program, nine acres of public green space that can serve as incremental event space, and much, much more. 

Melreese CC / Miami, FL
LEED NC / Gold/ 4/26/2013
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Leo A Daly / City of Miami / Forcon