Office Buildings

Snapshots of the projects noted below are in the
following format:

  • Project / Location
  • Rating System / Award Level / 
    Date Certified
  • Spinnaker Services -- e.g., Consulting,
    Commissioning, Energy Modeling
  • Architect / Owner / Contractor
  • Square Footage

EQUATE Headquarters / Kuwait
LEED NC / Silver / 4/3/2018
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
Gulf Consult / Equate Petrochemical Company
196,400 sf

Equate Group, a global producer of petrochemicals, celebrated in 2018 not only its 20th anniversary, but also the official inauguration of its new headquarters, which is located in Ahmadi, Kuwait.  The Headquarters Complex, which achieved LEED Silver (a first in Kuwait), consists of the main office building, a multi-purpose building, a mosque, sunken garden and a car park building, located on the main road leading into Ahmadi. The office building has a circular atrium with public spaces, panoramic elevators and ceremonial staircases. Offices are located on the first and second floors. Training rooms, cafeteria and other support services are placed in the basement. The board room and VIP lounge have been located at the top floor level.  Designed, built and operated as a sustainable building that meets the most advanced and eco-friendly universal standards, the stunning complex is reflective of the group’s continuous pursuit of excellence and reliability.

Midtown 29 / Miami, FL
LEED CS 2.0 / Platinum / 6/21/2017
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
Morgan Group Development
314,640 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning and Energy Modeling for this striking high-rise residential tower. Set within a creative and eco-conscious enclave of Miami, the 314,640 sf project contains 20-stories, 309 rental units, and retail spaces on the first floor. The project achieved LEED Silver certification in 2018.

1515 Sunset Drive / Coral Gables, FL
LEED Platinum / 2017
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
Portuando Perotti
72,570 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning and Energy Modeling for this striking, 72,570 sf office building, which was awarded LEED Platinum certification in 2017 -- the first venue in Coral Gables to receive this prestigious rating. Inspired by the most iconic, historical buildings in South Florida, the project is a timeless addition to the community's surrounding architecture. The five-story, mixed-used core-and-shell development is programmed with office, retail, dining, banking, and a parking garage. LEED-related sustainability features include:

  • Its location is ideal for access to community services and public transportation.
  • Open space was maximized more than 146% above minimum local requirements, and 51% of the site area was restored with native or adapted plants.
  • The roof was fitted with high SRI materials and vegetation.
  • Rainwater collection provides 100% of the landscape irrigation.
  • Potable water was reduced by 75%.
  • Energy-cost reductions of 27% were achieved by selecting efficient HVAC systems and lighting.
  • Enhanced Commissioning was done to reduce potential future costs and efficiency loss.
  • The project recycled and diverted from landfills 91% of the construction waste.
  • 23.6% of the total building materials by cost contain recycled content.
  • 20.6% of the total building materials by cost were harvested and manufactured within 500 miles of the project site.
  • 54.2% of the total wood-based building materials by cost were FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.
  • 98% of all regularly occupied spaces provide direct line-of-sight to daylight views.

Additionally, a Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan was created and followed during construction (and low-emitting materials were sourced), to ensure that workers would have a safe and healthy work environment -- and tenants, too. Moreover, Tenant Design and Construction Guidelines were put in place to have the tenants follow the same LEED Platinum criteria of the building. The team also developed and implemented an integrated pest management program to reduce harmful chemicals used.

Smart Brickell / Miami, FL
LEED CS 2.0 / Platinum / 6/21/2017
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modelng 
Habitat Group
149,341 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning and Energy Modeling for this 26-story building. Using smart integration of technology, modern design and unique usage, the project included 50 condominium units, 50 hotel rooms, restaurants, and retail space with a total of 149,341 square feet, and the first of three towers. This project is currently pursuing LEED Gold certification in 2020.

Sunset Office / 1515 Sunset / Coral Gables, FL
LEED CS 2.0 / Platinum / 6/21/2017
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
Portuando Perotti / Raul Lima - Portuando Perotti / Arellano
72,570 sf

Inspired by some of the most iconic historical architecture buildings in South Florida (e.g., Biltmore Hotel and Coral Gables City Hall), 1515 Sunset (Sunset Office) is a five story, 197,943 sf Multipurpose Core and Shell Building with an architectural program that included: Office, Retail, Dining, Banking and Garage space. The team, including Spinnaker providing LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning, achieved the highest possible classification -- LEED Platinum.

Quantum Marine Corporate Headquarters / Hollywood, FL
LEED NC / Certified / 10/2/2017
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Saltz Michelson / Quantum Marine Eng of Florida / ANF Group
28,965 sf

Valley Forge Fabrics World Headquarters / Fort Lauderdale, FL
LEED CI / Silver / 8/8/2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Stantec (ADD Inc) / Valley Forge Fabrics / Blue Water Builders
56,013  sf

Garden of Life Headquarters / Palm Beach Gardens, FL
LEED CI / Gold / 7/9/2015
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Glidden Spina / Garden of Life
21,249 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning for this 22,250 sf, commercial office building which achieved LEED Gold for Commercial Interiors certification in 2015. The Garden of Life is national headquarters for a whole foods nutritional supplement company whose mission is to "Empower Extraordinary Health." The owner’s commitment to health goes far beyond offering effective nutritional products. They are interested in building relationships with people to help them transform their lives to attain extraordinary health. When the company embarked on expanding their corporate office, they envisioned translating their mission statement into a building with a healthy environment for staff and clients. Green achievements in this effort included lighting power densities being reduced by 30%; 80% of construction waste diverted from landfills; 22% of products utilized for the project were recycled content; potable water use was reduced by 40%, high-reflective roof material was installed, as was triple-pane high-efficiency glazing ... and more.

Sabadell Financial Center / Miami, FL
LEED EBOM / Gold / 3/26/2014
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
540,000 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting for this striking 540,000 sf, 31 floor Class A office building. Sabadell Financial Center was an existing building turned LEED EBOM venue located in Miami in South Florida’s major financial district, the Brickell Financial Center. The project achieved LEED for Existing Buildings, Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) Gold certification in 2014. The building, which today is home to investment banks, law firms, technology companies, entrepreneurs and more, consists of more than 95% office space, while the ground floor is dedicated to retail. Designed to enhance the workplace, the owner wanted to promote a healthy work environment, bolster tenant satisfaction, and build a strong sustainable product. The intent of LEED EBOM is to certify the operations and maintenance of a building and create a plan for ensuring high-performance over time. The rating system captures both a building’s physical systems (equipment, design, land use, etc.) and the manner in which the building is occupied and operated by its managers (waste management, temperature monitoring, commuting programs, etc.).

Aventura Optima Office / Aventura, FL
LEED CS / Platinum / 2/28/2014
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
Behar Font & Partners / Ariel Bromberg, Inmobiliaria Brom
125,930 sf

Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning and Energy Modeling for this striking
125,930 sf, Class A office and medical complex. Click here to review full project description. 

Garden Building / Miami, FL
LEED CS / Gold / 1/10/2013
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
Leo A Daly - STH Architectural Group / Juan Raigosa / D .Stephenson
47,819 sf

International Finance Bank / Miami, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 5/15/2012
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
NBWW / Ojeda Group / Coastal Construction
158,537 sf

International Finance Bank, a 158,537 sf mixed-use office building containing class "A" office space, a multi-level parking facility, elevated exterior meeting space, training rooms, and ground level retail spaces, required tremendous environmental leadership and LEED coordination efforts. The innovative LEED elements of the project included:

  • Extensive use of interior glazing to provide daylight to 100% of workspaces.
  • Modular plan concept with frameless glazing allowing for easy space modification with minimal waste and construction when users’ needs change.
  • Extensive use of natural and recycled hard flooring (terrazzo and slate) and modular carpet tiles ensure low maintenance and long-term durability.
  • Fully integrated and customizable lighting, shading and mechanical management systems provide low operational costs and high-quality user climate.

The project encompassed nearly half a city block at the border of Miami and Coral Gables. Standing seven stories high, it is comprised of a flagship bank branch, a drive through experience that winds through the building, speculative ground floor retail and upper floor offices, three floors of parking, and two levels of offices specifically designed and built during the construction of the shell and terraces that provide a chance to enjoy the South Florida climate and unmatched views. 

Colsubsidio / Bogata, Colombia
LEED NC / Gold / 9/2/2011
Spinnaker Services: Commissioning
Construcciones Planificadas / Colsubsidio / Coninsa Ramon H. SA
344,628 sf

Now known as the Centro Empresarial y Deportivo “El Cubo”, the CER “El Cubo” is a multi-story, 344,628 sq ft building with six above-ground floors and two underground parking garage basements. The building houses several spaces and functional areas of different uses, including an auditorium, formal restaurant, cafeteria, meeting and conference rooms, bowling alley, swimming pool, gymnasium, squash and golf cages, football field ... and more. The complex includes outdoor spaces for recreational programs, family gatherings and community events. The building is located at the highly visible location of Carrera 30 and Calle 53, Bogota, Colombia.  The striking facility serves as an urban club aimed to help groups of affiliated companies participate in community sporting activities oriented toward enhancing recreational, corporate and business character. 

Midtown Offices / Fort Lauderdale, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 8/30/2011
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
William Osborn / Dickey Consulting Services / GSD
11,716 sf

396 Alhambra Legacy Gold / Coral Gables, FL
LEED CS / Gold / 7/11/2013
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Balfour Beatty

MET II Tower / Miami, FL
LEED CS/ Gold/ 5/31/2011
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe / Ian Swanson
1,475,137 sf

1450 Brickell / Miami, FL
LEED CS 2,0 / Gold / 7/15/2010
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
NBWW / Alan Ojeda - Rilea Group
586,000 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning for this striking 588,000 sf, 35-story,
Class A office tower, which achieved LEED Gold in 2010. The project received the prestigious Marquee Green Building Legacy Award for 2021 from US Green Building Council Florida.

Located at the Southern Gateway to downtown Miami’s Brickell financial district, 1450 Brickell features panoramic views of the city and Biscayne Bay one block away. It was Miami’s first LEED Gold certified private office building and is one of the city’s most resilient. The office tower was designed with impact resistant glass windows that can withstand the force of large projectiles as well as winds approaching 300 miles per hour, an important building defense in this hurricane-prone site. When it was completed in 2010, 1450 Brickell incorporated the strongest curtain wall window system of any commercial building in the nation. The owner noted that 1450 Brickell's "tandem sustainability and resilience efforts increased the construction cost by 6 to 8 percent but have been recouped several-fold." The strength of the glass and its ability to separate heat from light lowered the building’s energy intensity and was critical to earning LEED Gold certification. The building’s LEED Gold certification and resilience measures, amongst other factors, were assets that drew high-profile tenants who shared the developer’s commitment to sustainability. The owner also encouraged tenants to follow LEED guidelines in their buildouts.

Allen Morris Center Building / Jacksonville, FL
LEED O&M 2.0 / Gold / 7/22/2010
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Geo Casanova - Allen Morris Group
107,554 sf

Miami Green Office Tower / Miami, FL
LEED CS / Silver / 5/15/2010
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
Behar Font & Partners / William Holly - Holly Real Estate / ANF Group
269,818 sf

Northern Trust / Ft. Myers, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 10/2/2009
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Glidden Spina / Jennifer Dryden
16,300 sf

Lakeshore Plaza II / Sunrise, FL
LEED CS/ Silver / 5/9/2009
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Stiles / Architecture 6400 Inc. / David Siegel / Stiles
134,172  sf

Republic Services / Sunrise, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 4/27/2009
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Yoshino Trieschmann / Kim Riehn / Miller Construction
65,370 sf

Pirtle Construction Headquarters / Davie, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 9/22/2008
Spinnaker Services: Commissioning
Zyscovich / James B. Pirtle / Pirtle Construction
29,490  sf

Megastron Kirkman Point II / Orlando, FL
LEED CS / Certified / 5/17/2018
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Duke Realty
133,928 sf

Pembroke Pointe / Pembroke Pines, FL
LEED CS / Silver / 5/16/2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
CSO Architects, Inc. / Duke Realty
147,414 sf

Centro Empresarial y Deportivo Calle 53 / Colsubsidio / Bogota, Colombia
LEED NC / Gold / 6/19/2013
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Construcciones Planificadas / Jorge E. Cely - COLSUBSIDIO
190,900 sf

T3 - Ciudad Empresarial Sarmiento Angulo / Bogota, Colombia
LEED CS / Silver / 12/10/2013
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
University oConstrucciones Planificadas / Construcciones Planificadas
414,266 sf

Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos / Bogota, Colombia
LEED CI / Certified / 7/23/2012
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning
Arquitectura e interiores / Jorge Alberto Arias - Agencia N.
46,535 sf

Lexus Training Center / Miramar, FL
LEED CI / Gold / 4/9/2009
Spinnaker Services: Commissioning
Synalovski Romanik Saye
10,000 sf

2340 Collins Avenue / Miami Beach, FL
Pursuing LEED Gold / Project Completion Projected 2021
Spinnaker Services: LEED Consulting, Commissioning 
245,867 sf

The Spinnaker Group is providing LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning for this 245,867 sf project that will offer 102,433 sf of office space, 8,318 sf of retail which will also feature restaurant space, and 279 parking spaces. When completed, the project will make history as the city's first-ever Class A office building and its first new corporate office building in more than 20 years. Paying homage to Miami Beach's rich architectural history, the project bridges past and present by incorporating elements of the city's signature Art Deco style with a modern glass window façade, using a palette of natural elements and expressed stucco floor plates, seamlessly interlacing landscape into its design. Located across from 1 Hotel where the old Avis rental car stands and next to The Gates Hotel South Beach, the project will also feature a pedestrian paseo with lush landscaping and water features. The project is pursuing LEED Gold certification and will include a green roof and a green wall on the north side of the building. Other projected green features include low-emitting construction materials and enhanced indoor air-quality measures designed into the project for greater indoor environmental quality. The project also places an emphasis on alternative modes of transportation with 475 spaces for bikes and scooters. The eye-catching building is projected to be completed in 2021.  

Optima Onyx Tower / Hallandale Beach, FL
Pursuing LEED Platinum / Project Completion Projected January 2021
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
Optima International North
696,357 sf

The Spinnaker Group is providing LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning and Energy Modeling for this striking 696,357 sf, Class A office and retail complex. The project is pursuing LEED Platinum certification. Optima Plaza is an office campus featuring three Class A office towers:

  • The Optima White Tower -- 9 stories (South Existing adjacent) -- LEED Platinum
  • The Optima Red Tower -- 4 stories (South Existing adjacent) -- LEED Platinum
  • The Optima Onyx Tower (this project description) -- 28-stories -- Pursuing LEED Platinum BD+C 2009 Core & Shell, slated to be completed by January 2021.

The buildings have been uniquely designed to connect the new Onyx Tower (North) to its previous LEED Platinum predecessor, Optima Aventura to the South. Building highlights include:

  • Double skin glass curtainwall façade includes hurricane-proof glazing, and provides exemplary energy efficiency while offering 360 degree views.
  • Rooftop solar array on both buildings: North Building to generate 84.0=KW of on-site renewable energy, and the South Building generates 49.2 KW of on-site renewable energy.
  • Both buildings offer reduction in potable water use for irrigation through drought-tolerant landscaping and water-efficient irrigation, and the South building has 100% potable water use reduction via a rainwater collection cistern.
  • Buildings are collectively served by an energy-efficient central HVAC system.
  • Amenities in all buildings are designed to service all tenants on the campus.
  • Retail space on the North building is connected to the existing South Tower on their 5th floors by means of programmable space shared by all buildings, including outdoor meeting space and outdoor landscaped terraces, water features and pool.
  • The new Onyx tower is also connected on the 9th floor by a programmable outdoor space including a lush, landscaped roof garden, meeting areas, recreational amenities, a jogging trail, and a fitness center.
  • Extensive high albedo roof.
  • The parking garage podium will be common to both new and existing buildings. 

396 Alhambra / Coral Gables, FL
LEED CS 2.0 / Gold / 11/10/2012
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Fullerton Diaz Architects / B Gitlin - 396 Alhambra LLC / Balfour Beatty
163,052 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning for this mixed-use development, which achieved LEED Gold certification (Core and Shell) in 2012. 396 Alhambra comprises 255,000 sf of Class A office space; 30,000 sf of ground floor restaurant and retail space; and an 884-space parking garage. The LEED Core and Shell rating system is designed for projects where the developer controls the design and construction of the entire mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection system -- called the core and shell -- but not the design and construction of the tenant fit-out. 396 Alhambra is located in the heart of Coral Gables’ residential, financial and entertainment district, which is home to more than 175 multinational Latin American and domestic regional headquarters, representing more than 6,000 employees. 396 Alhambra is easily accessible to all major thoroughfares, near the finest restaurants, and minutes away from Miami’s most exclusive residential communities.

Torre Centenario Office Tower / Mexico City, Mexico
LEED CS / Gold / 8/24/2011
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Energy Modeling
Sordo Madaleno / Brian Gitlin
160,000 sf