Northwest Gardens /
Fort Lauderdale, FL

LEED ND Silver / February 2019
Spinnaker Services:

This 33-acre, primarily residential and secondarily mixed-use, neighborhood development, incorporated universal design strategies. The project was started in December 2010 and completed with LEED Neighborhood Development Silver certification in February 2019. It was the first LEED Neighborhood Development project in the State of Florida to be fully built and certified.

The project contains 394 dwelling units located in 44 multi-family buildings in addition to several retail and office buildings.

Improvements were made to the existing street network and utility infrastructure, along with pocket parks and a series of community gardens and pedestrian connections. The location of the NWG neighborhood was ideal for the LEED ND program as an infill site in an urban area being redeveloped into mixed-income multi-family housing. The community boasted sufficient density in an open, gridded street network in compact blocks within walking distance to mass transit. The project is ADA Compliant.

Northwest Gardens ended up with 611 dwelling units within the LEED-ND boundary.  More information can be found here at USGBC's website