Spinnaker in the News

Richard Branson said 
"Publicity is absolutely
critical. A good PR story
is more effective than
a front-page ad."

Considering the Spinnaker
Group's many accomplishments and collaborations, it's not suprising that we generate conversation. After
all, Spinnaker's services and our clients'
buildings and projects affect consumers and
their families, communities, and the entire
world! And that makes for interesting stories! Below you will find just a few highlights. 

USGBC News -- 
Equity Summit & 
Toolkit for Living 
Standard Message

The inaugural USGBC Equity
Summit (which Spinnaker Group attended) included two days of robust discussion about how the green building community can pursue social equity outcomes -- check out the report. Check out, also, 
USGBC's Living Standard Toolkit designed to provide community members with tools to carry the Living Standard message to the broader public and to expand the conversation around sustainability.