Higher Education

Snapshots of the projects noted below are in the following format:

  • Project / Location
  • Rating System / Award Level / 
    Date Certified
  • Spinnaker Services -- e.g., Consulting,
    Commissioning, Energy Modeling
  • Architect / Owner / Contractor
  • Square Footage

Florida Gulf Coast University - North Lake Village Student Dining / Fort Meyers, FL
LEED NC / Certified / 11/21/2018
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Studio Plus / FGCU / Wright
7,500 sf

Lynn University Perper Residence Hall / Boca Raton, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 1/16/2018
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning
Gensler / Lynn University / Gerrits Construction
49,000 sf

How "suite" it is! The 49,000 sf Mary and Harold Perper Residence Hall was an exciting addition to the Lynn campus. The residence hall features loft-style apartments for 170 upperclassmen and graduate students, as well as a beautiful courtyard, two patios, a fire pit and grills. The community space has a TV lounge, collaboration room and a full kitchen where students can come together to relax, study, socialize and immerse themselves in the campus lifestyle. This highly efficient, cost-saving venue received LEED NC Silver certification from USGBC in 2018. This higher education project with multi-purpose spaces is ADA Compliant.

Florida Gulf Coast University Emergent Technologies Institute / Fort Meyers, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 7/24/2017
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Leo A Daly / FGCU / Wright
26,000 sf

The Emergent Technologies Institute (ETI) is a 6.5-acre research-and-development complex designed to support research and graduate education development at FGCU. The 26,000 sf ETI achieved LEED NC Silver certification in 2017. ETI was the first project in the Fort Myers ITEC, a 240-acre development planned as a magnet for technology and research companies. ETI contains the following facilities: 3 research labs (water, biotechnology and renewable energy); 2 high-bay research labs (water treatment pilot systems and transportation technology development); 2 teaching labs (innovation spaces); 1 machine shop; 2 acres of fenced outdoor space for large research projects; 2 large classrooms and event spaces (132-85 seat); 3 classrooms (36 seat); 1 computer lab (30 seat)[ and 10 offices. Higher education, STEM project with multi-purpose spaces, and is ADA Compliant.

Noël P Brown Expansion, Nova Sports / Davie, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 4/4/2017
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning
Gallo Herbert Architects / Nova Southeastern University / Grycon
50,063 sf

Located next to the Aquatics Complex on Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Fort Lauderdale/Davie campus, the LEED Gold certified (in 2017) building addition spans 59,000 sf and includes state-of-the-art training and fitness rooms for student-athletes participating in 15 different sports; a gymnasium for basketball, volleyball and other activities; a general purpose activity room for use by students as young as junior kindergarten; offices for athletic department staff; locker room facilities for aquatics and visiting athletes; and an office suite for Special Olympics Broward County. To complement the project, the original sports center received refurbishments to enhance classroom/programming areas. This was a higher education project with multi-purpose spaces, and is ADA Compliant.

University of Miami Patricia Frost School of Music North / Coral Gables, FL
LEED NC / Platinum / 8/30/2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
HOK / University of Miami / Skanska
27,097 sf

University of Miami Patricia Frost School of Music South / Coral Gables, FL
LEED NC / Platinum / 8/30/2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
HOK / University of Miami / Skanska
13,992 sf

Located on the University of Miami's Coral Gables campus, the Patricia Louise Frost Music Studios South Building -- 13,992 sf with triangle-shaped energy-efficient windows and solar arrays -- was the first LEED Platinum certified building project (in 2016) in the City of Coral Gables. Click here to review full project description. 

Nova Southeastern Center for Collaborative Research / Davie, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 11/17/2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
ACAI Associates / Jessica Brumley - Nova SE University / ANF Group
218,552  sf

The Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) is a 218,522 sf, state-of-the-art, LEED Gold (in 2016), interdisciplinary research facility. The CCR houses one of the largest wet-lab research facilities in Florida. Researchers there collaborate within this advanced environment to investigate pharmaceutical synthesis, cancer therapy, human stem-cell research, biomaterials, wildlife DNA forensics, and ocean biomaterials. Small animal vivariums with ABSL-2 suites and surgical suites are included. The CCR is also home to the Rumbaugh-Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research; investigators from NSU’s Health Professions Division; and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). This federal agency is partnering with NSU, and other universities to promote scientific cooperation for the Greater Everglades Restoration Project. This is a higher education, STEM project with multi-purpose spaces, and is ADA Compliant. 

Lynn Business School / Boca Raton, FL
LEED NC / Platinum / 2/16/2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
32,000 sf

The Lynn Business School achieved prestigious LEED NC Platinum certification in 2016. Now called the Mohammed Indimi International Business Center, the striking building is home to Lynn’s College of Business and Management. The 32,000 sf building is an informal gateway from the west end of campus. The building’s 11 classrooms, 10 study rooms, 29 faculty and staff offices, and several collaboration spaces were each designed to encourage interactions among student, faculty and business professionals. A central spine joins technology-equipped classrooms at the building’s core, while collaborative and study spaces line the façade. Interior transparent dividers and exterior-facing windows maximize daylight and allow occupants to remain visually connected to activity occurring in and outside of the building. Higher education project with multi-purpose spaces and is ADA Compliant.

University of Miami Patricia Frost School of Music North / Coral Gables, FL
LEED NC / Platinum / 8/30/2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
HOK / University of Miami / Skanska
27,097 sf

University of Miami Life Science Seawater Research Building / Miami, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 6/21/2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
C7 / University of Miami / Suffolk
91,632  sf

This project is comprised of two distinct, but interconnected components: an 8,520 sf state-of-the-art SUSTAIN (Surge-Structure-Atmosphere Interaction) research facility and a 47,942 sf Marine Life Science Center, designed to support cutting edge research on living marine organisms. The project achieved LEED Gold certification in 2016. This is a higher education, STEM project with multi-purpose spaces, and is ADA Compliant.

Miami Dade College Hialeah Campus / Hialeah, FL
LEED NC / Certified / 6/28/2016
Spinnaker Services: Building Commissioning
Zyscovich Architects / MDC / Balfour Beatty Construction
70,088 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided Building Commissioning for this 70,088 sf project, which achieved LEED certification in July 2016. The project encompassed 70,088 sf of office, classroom, storage, student life, bookstore, copy center, testing center, meeting rooms, and food service spaces for the MDC Addition (Building 1790). The building incorporated an open-plan design between Food Services and adjacent areas -- i.e., Library, Student Life and Student Services. This created an open and shared atmosphere between these student areas that encourages collaborative learning. The building’s design allows visitors to move easily from one area to the other. The areas in which faculty and staff work, and in which students commonly gather, are grouped together by respective function.

Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Ecosystem Science at Nova Southeastern University / Hollywood, FL  
LEED NC / Silver / 4/1/2013
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
ACAI Associates / Nova Southeastern University / Miller Construction
86,000 sf

Nova Southeastern University’s Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Ecosystems Research is an 86,000 sf facility that generates information and research products to help understand, conserve and protect coral reef ecosystems. The Center, which achieved LEED NC Silver certification in 2013, is focused on protecting coral reefs in South Florida, throughout the nation and around the world. This was a higher education, STEM project with multi-purpose spaces, and is ADA Compliant. 

Broward College IPS 22 / Davie, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 2/14/2013
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning
Jenifer Briley / SSEDS
26,998 sf

University of Miami Life Science Park - RD Bldg 1 / Miami, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 7/30/2012
Spinnaker Services: Commissioning
Zimmer Gunsul Frasca / Joe Reagan - Wexford Equities
267,298 sf

This impressive, 267,298 sf project achieved LEED NC Gold certification in 2012. Located at the intersection of a global marketplace and one of the largest health districts in the USA, Converge Miami (formerly known as the University of Miami Life Science and Technology Park) is a vibrant, urban-knowledge community providing mixed-use facilities from labs and offices to conference spaces and restaurants, and from locally grown start-ups to national and global entities. This higher education, STEM project with multi-purpose spaces is ADA Compliant.

FIU School of International and Public Affairs / Miami, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 11/28/2011
Spinnaker Services: Commissioning, Energy Modeling
Arquitectonica International Corporation / Celi Ervesun - FIU
58,238 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning for this project, which achieved LEED Gold in 2011. The 56,000 sf School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) constructed on the main University Park campus of
Florida International University provided a state-of-the art venue for many activities -- classes, lectures, workshops, performances, conferences, and faculty and graduate student research. Faculty from various departments merge here to advance the study of social and political sciences, international relations and humanities to foster
interdisciplinary, thematic and professional degrees and programs, alongside the traditional disciplinary offerings. The School became one of FIU's first buildings to be part of its university-wide LEED program for all new construction. SIPA achieved LEED NC Gold certification, which recognized the inherent sustainability of the building design. The solar panels on the classroom/office tower and a vegetated roof of the auditorium, the largest built in South Florida, as well as natural light for all the classrooms and offices, low-VOC content materials, lighting controlled by occupant-sensors, energy-efficient mechanical systems, low water-use plumbing fixtures and drought tolerant landscaping all contributed to the prestigious LEED NC Gold level rating.

Miami Dade College (MDC) Center for Learning, Innovation and Simulation / Miami, FL
Tracking LEED Gold for Fall 2020
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
Harvard Jolly / MDC
132,470 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning, and Energy Modeling for this state-of-the-art facility designed to provide students with training to excel in today’s fast-changing healthcare industry. Scheduled to serve students starting in Fall 2020, the five-floor, 132,470 sf Center features an entire floor dedicated to advanced medical simulation that will facilitate the practice of working in real-world clinical environments such as operating and emergency rooms. With the help of innovative technology, students will be able to recreate various medical scenarios, helping reduce errors, improve safety and elevate the quality of patient care. The Center contains amenities comparable to any cutting-edge hospital, including 15 high-fidelity patient rooms, a simulated ambulance, a home health apartment, and 10 examination rooms. Students will be able to utilize a 300-person multi-purpose conference center with state-of-the-art projectors and recording capability; and a 150-person tiered lecture facility with technology at each seat. This one-of-a-kind health training venue, which is tracking LEED Gold certification, rivals those at top medical schools around the nation. The building will also house fully equipped medical labs for nursing, respiratory care, physician assistant, histology, medical laboratory science and other programs, and student collaboration areas, as well as contain a large, state-of-the-art physical therapy facility. Green features of the building include:

  • High-reflectance roofing material reduces the heat island effect within the community.
  • High-efficiency plumbing fixtures reduce potable water use by 20%.
  • Drought tolerant landscaping and high-efficiency irrigation controls reduce potable water use for landscaping by 50%.
  • High-efficient systems render over 35% in energy-cost reductions.
  • Recycling of multiple waste streams integrated throughout the facility.
  • More than 75% of the site construction/demolition waste was recycled.
  • More than 20% of the materials in the building have recycled content.
  • All interior materials are low to zero VOC emissions. 
  • Green Education has been integrated within the facility.

New College Academic Center & Administration Building / Sarasota, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 10/31/2011
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
Moule & Polyzoides Architects / New College of Florida / Ajax
35,622 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning and Energy Modeling for this impressive project, the most significant academic building to be constructed on NCF's campus in nearly 20 years. The new building, which achieved LEED Gold certification in 2011, formed the cornerstone of the College’s Campus Master Plan. Utilizing the latest in sustainability
materials and systems, the 35,622 sf building project featured:

  • Special CO2 room sensors measure air quality and adjust the A/C system accordingly.
  • A/C system uses refrigerants that minimize damage to the ozone.
  • High-efficiency windows, deep roof overhangs and louvered shutters block solar heat and glare, while letting in natural light and allowing for cross ventilation.
  • Pavers and high-reflective roofing materials reflect sunshine.
  • Specially designed tanks built in under the adjoining Koski Plaza collect stormwater.
  • Toilets flush using residual rainwater from the roof and A/C condensate; rainwater is collected in an underwater cistern.
  • During construction, more than 85 percent of construction site debris was recycled, and regional building materials were used, which reduced transportation costs and associated pollution.
  • The adjoining Beverly Koski plaza -- a gathering place for students, faculty and the general public -- is constructed atop an underground stormwater vault system which allowed the plaza to be developed in lieu of a more traditional large retention pond.

Ibis House / Coconut Grove, FL
LEED Homes / Silver / 6/1/2013
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Duany Plater Zyberk / University of Miami
10,000 sf

University of Miami + A44 Multi-Purpose Facility / Coral Gables, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 10/1/2009
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Mateu Architecture / Eddie Lopez - UM / Arellano
29,697 sf