Snapshots of the projects noted below are in the following format:

  • Project / Location
  • Rating System / Award Level / 
    Date Certified
  • Spinnaker Services -- e.g., Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
  • Architect / Owner / Contractor
  • Square Footage

GSA Jacksonville Coast Guard / Jacksonville, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 7/27/2017
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Arcus Group / GSA
56,250 sf

Eve at the District / District 36 / Miami, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 10/31/2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
ADD, Inc. / MREG NE36 Owner, LLC / G.T. McDonald
295,874 sf

Miami Beach Property Management Facility / Miami Beach, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 3/1/2016
Spinnaker Services: Commissioning
Wolfberg Alvarez / Miami Beach / Pirtle Construction
22,420 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided Building Commissioning services for this 23,420 sf property management and maintenance facility for the City of Miami Beach, which achieved LEED Gold certification in 2016. The new building was the first certified LEED building constructed by the City. The building houses administrative offices, workshops, storage, locker rooms and areas for small construction. In conjunction with this benchmark project's completion, the City published, :"The highest green building standards will be the norm as we move forward on all City projects to help make our built environment more resilient." The building achieved 35% water-use reduction and 28% energy savings, and also realized highly improved air quality and recycled design and construction element. This project was the stepping off point for the City to encourage market transformation toward sustainable building.

Homestead City Hall / Homestead, FL
LEED NC v2 / Silver / 1/20/2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Rodriguez and Quiroga Architects / J. Brea - City of Homestead / MCM
83,841 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning for this state-of-the-art, 83,841 sf governmental center, which was awarded LEED Silver in 2016 for implementing strategies and solutions aimed at achieving high-performance in sustainable-site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. The 75-foot tall landmark building was designed to be a community centerpiece that aligns with the vision to revitalize Downtown Homestead. The facility features a 225-seat council chamber to accommodate more residents during public meetings. The new City Hall also provides a better operational flow for City business; is constructed to withstand a category 5 hurricane; and will function as an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during a crisis.

US Customs & Border Protection Facility (FXE) / Fort Lauderdale, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 9/29/2015
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling 
Saltz Michelson / Fort Lauderdale / Pirtle Construction
7,900 sf

Interstate 75 Rest Stop & Public Safety / Alligator Alley, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 9/3/2014
Spinnaker Services: Contractor Credits
Clemons, Rutherford & Associates Inc. / FDOT / Wright

Miami-Dade County Community Action Agency (CAA) Arcola Head Start / Miami, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 10/28/2014
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Jose Requejo - Miami Dade County GSA / Michael Grubbs - Miami-Dade County
15,800 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning for this exceptional learning environment. The 15,800 sf project achieved LEED Gold certification in 2014. The MDC Community Action Agency (CAA) Arcola Head Start facility is an early education center located in the City of Miami. The center serves the residents Arcola, Liberty City, Little Haiti and West Little River. Consisting of six classrooms and a multi-purpose space, the Head Start facility conducts early childhood development programs. It included a 38-car parking lot/drop off/service area and a secured play area. The design of the project was undertaken by the Miami-Dade County GSA and exemplifies the County’s commitment to green building. Designed with high levels of natural daylight, shared learning spaces, stimulating interiors, and an active landscaped area, the facility is an exceptional educational venue and invaluable addition to the community. 

GSA Immigrations and Customs /
6 individual projects in Florida -- Kendall, Hialeah, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach

EACH PROJECT Achieved LEED NC / Gold / 4/15/2011
Spinnaker Services: Commissioning
JMWA / GSA / Moss Construction

Military Entrance and Processing Station / Jacksonville, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 5/15/2011
Spinnaker Services: Commissioning, Energy Modeling
Ken Carlson / Western Devcon / Itasca
30,707 sf

Village of Wellington Municipal Complex / Wellington, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 9/2/2011
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Leo A Daly (STH) / Weitz
53,932 sf

Regional Emergency Operations & Communication Center / Palm Beach Gardens, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 7/1/2011
Spinnaker Services: Commissioning
Schenkelshultz / Pirtle Construction
11,017 sf

Lower Keys Mosquito Control Operations Building / Big Coppitt Key, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 7/1/2011
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Florida Keys Mosquito Control District
3,200 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting for this 3,200 sf government facility to be built on Big Coppitt Key. The project, which had been delayed until 2017, was registered in 2014 with a focus on LEED-NC v2009 -- the venue was designed to achieve LEED Silver certification. When built, the one story office building will be built on stilts raised above covered parking and storage. It will include a chemical storage and maintenance facility, as well as administrative offices and a small mosquito identification lab. The mission of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is to control the mosquito population using the most effective methods, techniques, equipment and insecticides, thus enhancing the quality of life for all residents and reducing the possibility of mosquito transmitted diseases.

Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos / Bogota, Colombia
LEED CI / Certified / 7/23/2012
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning
Arquitectura e interiores / Jorge Alberto Arias - Agencia N.
46,535 sf

Fire Stations 

Hallandale Beach Fire Station #7 / Hallandale Beach, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 9/6/2018
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
West Construction
24,638 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning for this 24,638 sf, $6 million fire station for the City of Hallandale Beach. The project, with multi-purpose spaces, is ADA Compliant and achieved LEED Gold certification in 2018. This state-of-the-art fire station and emergency operations center is located in the heart of the community’s CRA district. The two-story complex includes four apparatus bays and living quarters for up to 16 firefighters. The fire station operations are located on the first floor which consists of dorm rooms, a four-bay apparatus area, an exercise room and storage. The emergency operation center is on the second floor along with administrative offices and a training room. Recognizing that a fire station plays an important role in a community, this project was designed to welcome the surrounding residents. The colors selected are bold and dynamic. The horizontal ribbon windows provide transparency for viewing activity at the station and allow natural light into the offices. Exposed architectural concrete was selected for the apparatus bay and training tower. The raw and industrial look of the concrete symbolizes the hardworking firefighters and anchors the building to the site. 

Pompano Beach Fire Station #103 / Pompano Beach, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 6/28/2016
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning 
Currie Sowards Aguila / City of Pompano Beach / Pinnacle CSG
13,000 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning for this 13,000 sf, $3.3 million fire station for the City of Pompano Beach. The project, with multi-purpose spaces, is ADA Compliant and achieved LEED Silver certification in 2015. The building uses energy from natural gas and electricity, and uses water from a municipal potable water system.

Pompano Beach Fire Station 11 / Pompano Beach, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 9/17/2015
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning
Currie Sowards Aguila / City of Pompano Beach / Pinnacle CSG
13,000 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting and Building Commissioning for this 13,000 sf new-construction, $3.2 million fire station for the City of Pompano Beach. The project, with multi-purpose spaces, is ADA Compliant and achieved LEED Silver certification in 2015. This project consisted of a three-bay two-story fire station that serves the beach area. It was designed to replace an older non-code-compliant two-bay station located two blocks north. The site is the north end of the Oceanside Parking Lot, at the time an existing city-owned parking lot located a short walk from the ocean and fishing pier. The parking lot was large enough that the fire station project only encompassed part of it, keeping many spaces available for beach-goers, including spaces within the fire station property boundaries. Being in hurricane-prone South Florida, the building was designed to withstand 190 mph winds and meet the stringent 2007 Florida Building Code. The building is "hurricane hardened" -- only impact resistant doors, windows and louvers were utilized in construction. Indeed, the fire station was designed specifically to remain operational immediately after a hurricane strikes the area. A large portable generator capable of powering the building has a permanent enclosure on site. The fire fighter living areas are on the second floor of the building so they will not be affected by any storm surge. As visitors are expected to be drawn to the attractive, green building, the project was designed to have a welcoming feel and complement the surrounding neighborhood.

Miami Lakes West Fire Rescue Station #64 / Miami Lakes, FL
LEED NC / Silver / 11/30/2015
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Alleguez Architecture / Margarita Garces - Miami-Dade Fire / GEC Associates
13,512 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided Building Commissioning for this 13,512 sf, $3.1 million Emergency Operations Communications Center for the City Miami Lakes. The project, with multi-purpose spaces, is ADA Compliant and achieved LEED Silver certification in 2015. . Located on the corner of Northwest 154th Street and 77th Court, Station 64 is two story, three bay Fire-Rescue facility completed through the partnership between the State, County and the Town. The new facility has increased service, improved response time and efficiency, and enabled rescue officials to continue to provide for the health, safety and welfare of residents of Miami Lakes and its surrounding communities. 

Broward Addiction Recovery Center / Fort Lauderdale, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 10/3/2018
Spinnaker Services: Commissioning
Saltz Michelson / Broward County Commission
51,419  sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning and Energy Modeling for this medical facility. Located in Fort Lauderdale, the Broward Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) consists of a new two-story, 51,419 sf, 50-bed residential, state-of-the-art facility in a spacious modern medical setting. This striking, contemporary venue achieved LEED Gold certification in 2018. BARC was designed by Saltz Michelson Architects as an "Essential Facility" for Broward County. It includes inpatient and outpatient treatment and counseling areas, dining facilities, recreational areas, community meeting spaces, and high levels of security, privacy and access control. The design of this 24/7 facility required more than just an institutional box of predetermined size and generic modular furniture -- it was necessary to incorporate an understanding that psychologically supportive environments help and enable victims to cope and heal, while allowing staff to provide the best treatment for those in need. As such, the design embraced a perspective of behavioral health promoting a nurturing, therapeutic and nonthreatening environment, including innumerable green features.

Judicial Projects 

Broward County Judicial Complex Midrise / Fort Lauderdale, FL 
LEED NC / Gold / 10/30/2018
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
Russell and Dawson / Broward County / Lucini / Pirtle Construction
64,000  sf

Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning and Energy Modeling for this 64,000 sf judicial complex. The major renovation for Broward County achieved LEED Gold certification in 2018. The project was an integral part of the complex’s re-development, acting as a critical support facility to the adjacent courthouse and its associated services. The work encompassed the full renovation and interior construction fit-out on four floors of the existing midrise building.

This renovated complex now facilitates offices for the state attorney, public defender, clerk of courts, and the county's sheriff; a wedding chapel; and offices for public records and child-support enforcement.

This project started as a LEED for Commercial Interiors renovation project for just one of the floors in the existing building. Due to the early advocacy efforts of the LEED team, the project team was able to convince the building operators that an expanded scope was needed to improve the performance of the entire building. Therefore, part way through design development the team switched to LEED for New Construction as a Major Renovation project and looked toward enhancements of the existing MEP systems and interior fit-out for all floors in the building.

One of the challenges of the project was considering how to accommodate preferring parking for low-emitting fuel-efficient vehicles in a shared access parking structure, where users of this building only parked in a portion of the larger structure. The design team coordinated with the local parking authority and other end-users of the garage to designate certain spaces through controlled access to certain floors for both general parking and preferred spaces for green vehicles. The designated spots were selected across multiple floors for their proximity to the building entrances on the first-floor and third-floor catwalk.

This LEED Gold project obtained the maximum available points under the Building Reuse credit for maintaining the vast majority of existing walls, floor and roof materials. The LEED Gold rating included a full score (5/5) for the innovation in the design category. The sustainable approach to this project included using the existing base infrastructure services systems and building structure.

Sustainable design features of the renovated building design included:

Sustainable Sites

  • Site Selection -- The subject property avoided ecologically sensitive sites as a previously developed site in a highly dense urban area connected to a variety of diverse uses.
  • Alternative Transportation -- A shared-use parking garage that includes preferred parking for 89 energy-efficient vehicles. Carpooling is encouraged throughout the site and is given preferential parking locations.
  • Heat Island Effect -- The installation of a high albedo TPO roof contributed to a solar reflective index (SRI) of over 90. In addition, the entire parking area is under cover.

Water Efficiency Water

  • Efficient Landscaping -- Irrigation for landscape material is connected to the existing non-potable reclaimed water system.
  • Water Use Reduction -- The project reduced potable water use by more than 40% with the implementation of metered faucets and high-efficient, low-flow fixtures.

Energy and Atmosphere

  • The county had a goal of saving at least 14% on energy bills when compared to ASHRAE 90.1-2007, using the Building Performance Rating Method, also known as Appendix G and Energy Cost Budget Method as described in ASHRAE 90.1-2007, Chapter 11. Energy savings were achieved by optimizing key factors such as building envelope, HVAC systems and lighting. The building systems were also designed and installed to allow part load operation without sacrificing operating efficiency. Optimum start/stop programming was incorporated to enable and disable HVAC, domestic hot water and lighting systems in order to adequately cool down and warm up building.
  • Green Power --The county purchased renewable energy certificates to reduce environmental and economic impacts associated with fossil fuel and energy use.

Materials & Resources

  • Construction Waste Management -- The project diverted 97% of waste debris from the landfill during the construction process. The materials recovered from the construction and demolition debris were recycled or reused into project products. Those materials included concrete, wood, cardboard and metal. In order to keep proper tracking of the diverted materials, the contractor provided monthly statements to the owner and LEED consultant.
  • Recycled Content -- The project used more than 20% of recycled content materials. Some of the recycled content materials used included metal doors, door frames, door hardware, sheetrock, Styrofoam insulation, fiberglass insulation, steel framing, masonry blocks, aluminum railings and concrete mix.
  • Regional Materials -- The project used more than 10% of regional materials. This was a major accomplishment for the contractor due to the South Florida location. The regional materials included concrete mix, structural rebar, masonry block and glass.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Construction Indoor Air Quality During Construction -- The contractor established clear guidelines from the beginning of the project in order to minimize pollutants during construction. Some of the measures taken included the following:

~ HVAC equipment was protected to avoid pollutants sticking into porous materials.

~ The return side of HVAC was shut down during heavy construction activities.

~ MERV 8 filters were provided in areas where major dust loading was expected to impact HVAC.

~ Smoking was prohibited during construction in enclosed areas, and exterior smoking areas were identified.

~ Dust curtains or plastic sheets were utilized to prevent contamination of clean areas.

~ Continuous cleaning activities.

~ Drywall, wood products, insulation and other materials were protected from water when stored on-site.

Low Emitting Materials -- Adhesives and Sealants; Paints and Coatings; Flooring Systems; Composite Wood

  • Low-emitting products were used on the project to reduce indoor pollutants. Adhesives and sealants; paints and coatings with Low-VOC content were installed and documented throughout the project.
  • All composite wood and agrifiber products, particularly the lockers in the locker room, had no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF).
  • Chain of Custody (COC) certificates were documented accordingly.

Innovation In Design

  • Green Cleaning -- The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products was integrated into the facility maintenance of the project.
  • Integrated Pest Management -- The use of environmentally friendly pest control products was integrated into the maintenance of the project.

First District Court of Appeal / Tallahassee, FL
LEED NC / Gold / 8/23/2011
Spinnaker Services: Consulting
Barnett Fronczak Barlowe / Spillis Candela DMJM / Eugenio Nicoloso - DMangSvcs / Peter R. Brown
110,900  sf

Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, the state capital, this LEED Gold Certified building was designed to emulate early 20th-century courthouses. The poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo with its classically derived pattern reinforces and unifies the traditional architecture of the structure. Highlighting the dramatic space of the circular lobby are alternating black-and-white diamond shaped terrazzo panels, increasing in size as they radiate out from the cast bronze State Seal of Florida centered in the floor. It is unique among the five Florida District Courts of Appeal in that, much like the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit at the federal level, it handles most of the appeals in state administrative law matters. It is also solely responsible for handling appeals in workers' compensation cases.

Hollywood Fire Station #45 / Hollywood, FL
Pursuing LEED Gold
Spinnaker Services: Consulting, Commissioning, Energy Modeling
City of Hollywood / Saltz Michelson Architects
7,224 sf

The Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning and Energy Modeling for this 7,224 sf,
$3.1 million fire station for the City of Hollywood. The 24/7/365, environmentally friendly fire station was envisioned from the get-go to serve the surrounding community as well as support the longstanding culture of sustainability in Hollywood. Spinnaker Group conducted a LEED charrette at the project's outset, resulting in strategies being employed in design and construction to assure that maximum sustainability measures were incorporated. As a result, the project surpassed the original, lower-level LEED certification goal -- the 1-story, 2-bay station, including offices and building support spaces, is pursuing LEED Gold certification. The City's decision-making process was guided by cost, maintainability, durability, quality of construction, and quality of materials, as well as meeting LEED requirements. Sustainable features achieved included:

  • Alternative transportation features such as bicycle storage and shower facilities, and low emitting fuel-efficient vehicle parking and carpool parking areas.
  • Open space exceeding local zoning requirements.
  • Water-use reduction through use of low-flow plumbing fixtures, and reduced potable water use for landscaping.
  • A nearly 35% reduction in the building's energy costs.
  • Use of low-emitting construction materials, as well as materials with recycled content and those sourced within a 500-mile radius.
  • Incorporation of integrated pest management, green cleaning, and green education programs.