Spinnaker Group's LEED Proven Provider Status

West Palm Beach, FL  (July 2020) 
One of the most powerful and beneficial
of Spinnaker Group's many accreditations
and certifications is the company's
LEED Proven Provider status for the
Building Design and Construction rating

Green Building Certification Inc.
(GBCI) designated Spinnaker Group this
prestigious status in 2015. The designation
was developed to streamline the LEED
project review process for experienced organizations that demonstrate consistent excellence in administering LEED projects.

"The Spinnaker Group is a valued member of the LEED Proven Provider network and has helped countless projects deliver on the promise of a healthy, high-performing LEED Certified building," said Sarah Alexander, senior vice president of credentialing and certification at GBCI. "LEED Proven Providers are an invaluable resource to project teams pursuing certification and work closely to help streamline the process. We applaud the Spinnaker Group's continued commitment to LEED and their clients as we work together to create a healthier, more sustainable future for all."

"The Spinnaker Group is proud to be a member of this very select group of sustainability professionals," said Jonathan Burgess, President and Principal-in-Charge. "This notable designation reflects Spinnaker Group's continuous focus on delivering the highest level of quality to our clients."

LEED Proven Provider is designed to encourage and reward high-quality LEED project submissions to minimize the need for additional work during the project review process. It represents an opportunity for Spinnaker Group and LEED reviewers to work together to enhance the LEED certification experience, simultaneously allowing Spinnaker Group to further invest in quality control and continuous improvement and allowing LEED reviewers more opportunities for direct engagement with and support for project teams.

Founded in 2003, the award-winning Spinnaker Group helps facilitate the delivery of the highest quality, sustainable building projects. Using an integrated team approach with a diverse range of clients, Spinnaker Group has nearly 150 LEED Certified projects under its belt, more than 700 million sf of commissioned building space worldwide, and nearly 200 projects in the pipeline. In addition to tapping USGBC's LEED, IWBI's WELL, and other rating systems as anchors of its sustainable consulting services, Spinnaker's diverse team of design and construction professionals offer project management, energy modeling, fundamental and enhanced building commissioning, neighborhood planning, operations and maintenance consulting, indoor air quality testing, and life cycle analyses for all types of building projects. Learn more about Spinnaker Group's services here and projects here.

LEED is the most widely used green building rating system in the world and is available for virtually all building types. It provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. Certification is a globally recognized symbol of excellence and is a verification that a project meets the highest sustainability standards. Companies that demonstrate and maintain high-quality project submissions through LEED Proven Provider receive significant benefits, such as greater access to a LEED reviewer and recognition from USGBC for their sustained track record of high-quality project submissions.