The EcoDistricts certification Protocol is a 
rigorous standard and tool designed to foster
neighborhood sustainability through social
equity and smart urban planning. It helps
us think beyond building walls and out into
the urban spaces and organizations that
make up a community. 

The core mission of EcoDistricts is to advance a new model of urban regeneration and community development rooted in a relentless commitment to authentic collaboration and social, economic and ecological innovation. The organization's work is powered by the growing number of inspired urban change-makers -- including Spinnaker Group -- who are reimagining the future of cities.

                                                          EcoDistricts is for every type of land                                                              use and is built around three                                                                          Imperative Commitments (Equity,                                                                  Resilience and Climate Protection)                                                                and six priority categories (Place,                                                                  Prosperity, Health+Wellbeing,                                                                        Connectivity, Living Infrastructure,                                                              and Resource Regeneration). The                                                                  process is articulated by three              Implementation Phases that aim to:

  • Support collaboration and governance.
  • Create a comprehensive roadmap guided by performance indicators.
  • Report progress with a commitment to transparency and knowledge sharing.

Evolving neighborhoods sit at the heart of some of the most complex challenges facing cities today. But they can also become the building blocks of sustainable cities. Neighborhoods provide a uniquely valuable scale to introduce and accelerate investments that can achieve profound improvements in equity, resilience and climate protection. Neighborhoods are small enough to innovate and big enough to leverage meaningful investment and public policy.

Reach out to Spinnaker Group to learn why companies, municipalities, owners and AEC industry professionals work with our team (including on-staff EcoDistricts Accredited Professionals) to tap our ever-increasing expertise in neighborhood development. Drop us a quick query here and let us show you how to move your projects -- and cities -- from vision to reality.