Project Commissioning (Cx) is the process of
assuring that all systems and components of a
building are designed, installed, tested, operated
and maintained according to the operational
requirements of the owner or client. A
Commissioning process may be applied not
only to new projects, but also to existing units
and systems subject to expansion, renovation or

Commissioning ensures building quality using peer review and in-field or on-site system performance verification. Commissioning also accomplishes higher energy efficiency, environmental health, occupant safety and improved indoor air quality by verifying that building components are working correctly and that the Commissioning plan is implemented with the highest efficiency.

The Spinnaker Group's experienced Commissioning agents use a proven, systematic process of ensuring that all building systems perform interactively according to the contract documents, the owner’s objectives and operational needs. Requirements begin in the pre-design phase, continuing through design, with reviews of design and contract documents, and continuing through construction and the warranty period, with actual verification through review, testing and documentation of performance. The Spinnaker Group has a sterling record of providing both Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning to meet LEED requirements.

Learn more about Commissioning here at Wikipedia.

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