Jonathan Burgess, President & Principal-in-Charge 

Jonathan Burgess is the creative leader of his team of professionals. For more than a decade, he has focused on assisting developers, design professionals and construction teams with creating high-performing, healthy buildings and neighborhoods. In 2017, Jonathan became the youngest person in the world to achieve the prestigious accreditation of LEED Fellow. He is a licensed Landscape Architect and also maintains LEED specialties in Neighborhood Development and Building Design + Construction; is a SITES Accredited Professional (AP); a WELL AP; a FGBC Designated Professional; and a Green Globes Professional. As a much sought-after speaker and lecturer, Jonathan also tours the country educating industry leaders and advocating for the adoption of green building standards. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Miami’s prestigious School of Architecture. Jonathan has long-believed in giving back to the community, serving in various volunteer leadership capacities with the US Green Building Council, International Living Future Institute, American Institute of Architects, Florida Native Plant Society, and Habitat for Humanity. As a civil servant, Jonathan was the founding Chair of the City of West Palm Beach Mayor’s Sustainability Advisory Committee, and has since served on the City of Miami’s Parks Board and City of WPB’s Golf Advisory Board. Jonathan is also co-founder of the Green Veterans group, an organization formed to empower our Nation's heroes to learn about sustainable building and green living while helping ease the hardship of military-to-civilian transition. Originally from coastal Maine, Jonathan and his wife, Lindsay, live in West Palm Beach. Contact Jonathan ...

Rob Hink, Founding Principal 

Rob Hink founded the Spinnaker Group in 2003, leading operations for 15 years before retiring in November 2018. Rob is a LEED Fellow, LEED Faculty, and LEED AP, BD+C/OM/ND.  Upon passing the torch to Jonathan (above), the firm had more than 130 LEED Certified projects under its belt and more than 600 million sf of commissioned building space to its credit. Rob is a Past President of the USGBC South Florida Chapter -- indeed, he was involved with USGBC governance as a volunteer leader for more than 15 years. With more than a decade of full-time green-design and commissioning experience, and more than 30 years of experience in facilities and project management and control systems, Rob has been a catalyst in effecting change in the marketplace for sustainable design, especially in the South Florida region. He has worked with many local governments to mandate or incentivize the use of LEED in both the public and private realm. Rob spent the first eight years of his professional career in the United States Navy nuclear power program, serving in the submarine force and acquiring extensive experience in power generation, mechanical and electrical systems, and leadership expertise. After leaving the Navy, Rob taught HVAC and Electrical Theory at the collegiate level. Originally from Iowa, Rob lives in Weston.  Contact Rob ...

Ernesto Collazo, Vice-President of Commissioning

Ernesto Collazo came to the Spinnaker Group team in 2010.  He has 35 years combined experience as a Mechanical Technician, Installer, Project Manager, HVAC Design Engineer and Commissioning Agent. His professional accreditations include BSME and CxA. This combination of in-the-field experience and engineering-design background enables Ernesto to have a keen sense of knowledge regarding every aspect of project commissioning. Working on various types of projects in his past experience -- including governmental, high-rise office and residential buildings, hotels and hospitals -- has given Ernesto the skill set required for advanced Commissioning projects such as Palm Beach and Brevard School Districts, Torrey Pines Institute of Molecular Studies, College and University Buildings, amongst others. Ernesto has completed full Building Commissioning services for more than 50 LEED certified projects. Ernesto has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Jose Antonio Echeverria Higher Polytechnic Institute. He is fluent in English and Spanish.  Originally from Cuba, Ernesto and his wife, Maritza, live in West Palm Beach.  Contact Ernesto ...

 Jesse Rittenhouse, Vice-President of Strategy

 Jesse Rittenhouse is Vice-President of Strategy at Spinnaker Group, directing   Spinnaker Group's strategic business development and marketing programs,   emphasizing the company's many strengths. Armed with an extensive   background in business development, marketing, and sustainable building   consulting, Jesse’s professional accreditations include LEED AP BD+C, Living   Future Accreditation, FGBC Designated Professional, and LCA Consultant. He   joined the Spinnaker team in 2016, and has consulted on dozens of projects of   all scopes and sizes, including being the LEED Project Manager on the first   LEED Platinum office building in the City of Coral Gables. He was also the   Consulting Project Manager on the design and construction of the first fully   permitted biodiesel factory in Miami-Dade County. Jesse has long given back   to his community as volunteer leader. He served as Vice-Chair of the USGBC   Miami Branch and Co-Facilitator of the Living Future Florida Collaborative,   and is currently a member of the USGBC Florida Chapter and the AIA Miami   Resilience & Adaptation Committee. He is also Chair of the Board of Directors   for Dream In Green, a nonprofit that develops educational programs   promoting environmentally sustainable behaviors with a particular emphasis   on K-12 students. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jesse currently lives   in Miami.  Contact Jesse ...

Edel Travieso, Commissioning Agent 

Edel Travieso does LEED commissioning for Spinnaker Group. He is a Veteran who served six years in the US Air Force. While serving his country, Edel performed many roles including logistics, mobility air freight, traffic management and EMT. He served during Desert storm and Kosovo, supporting the Alabama Air National Guard. As a civilian, Edel has been in management with various companies throughout his 20-year career, including ownership of a roofing and solar company. Edel’s many strengths include innovative planning, project management, business management ... and always thinking outside the box. He holds an MBA and a BS in Alternative and Renewable Energy Management with a minor in teaching, and holds several professional certificates and licenses, including BPI building analyst, HERS rater. Edel is passionate about leading the way forward in sustainability while at the same time helping his fellow Veterans. He served as a PACE manager for Saint Lucie County under the Solar Energy Loan Fund (SELF), and as a Project manager for Venergy Group, a Florida based energy-service company. Amongst his volunteer activities, Edel is an active member of USGBC Florida Chapter, and serves as the Chair for the USGBC's Green Veterans Group. Originally from Cuba, Edel and his wife, Ivette, live in West Palm Beach.  Contact Edel ...

Razan Nejem, Senior LEED Compliance Engineer 

Razan Nejem is an Environmental Engineer working on several LEED projects in the MENAregion. She has been a LEED AP with the building design and construction specialty since 2009, and is currently involved with the Spinnaker Group in the LEED certification process of the new Kuwait International Airport-Terminal 2. Razan has been involved in the establishment of the Jordan Green Building Council, including volunteer service as an elected Board member and also responsible for the organization and delivery of green-building trainings and education-related projects. She was also a member of the Jordan GBC outreach and technical committees. Currently, she is the Vice Chair of the Education Committee with the Kuwait Green Building Council. A graduate of the University of Jordan with a BS in Land, Water & Environment, Razan is a LEED Faculty certified LEED Instructor by the USGBC, and has been offering LEED courses, seminars and lectures for professionals since 2011. She is also USGBC course pro reviewer.Originally from Jordan, Razan and her husband, Raed, live in Kuwait.  Contact Razan ...

This Is Us!  Welcome to Team Spinnaker!

The Spinnaker Group prides itself on bringing the best team to the table -- every time for every project for every client.  Spinnaker Synergy – where the combined effect of our team is greater than the sum of our individual efforts -- is a real thing, and it underscores our commitment to effective teamwork and our pledge to create and demonstrate:

  • Commitment and Trust
  • Keen Listening Skills
  • Transparent Communication
  • Diversity of Capabilities and Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Creative Freedom

And we walk the talk, from driving hybrid vehicles to being a
completely carbon
neutral company. 

At Spinnaker Group, sustainability is not a passing fad.  It is in our
DNA.  It is how we live our lives.  It is who we are.

 Rafael Sánchez, Senior Sustainability Advisor

 Rafael Sánchez joined Spinnaker Group in 2019, and currently serves as   the Senior Sustainability Advisor. With more than 15 years of experience in   residential and retail architecture, he received a Master in Habitat at the   Universidad Nacional de Colombia, a Master of Innovation and   Entrepreneurship at the Tecnocampus in Matarò, Spain, and an MBA at the   Universitat de Barcelona, Spain. Rafael believes that sustainability efforts   should be part of everyone’s life and, like human habitats, should   be transdisciplinary experiences in which everyone is invited to participate.   He is a LEED AP BD+C, an FGBC Designated Professional, a Green Globes   Professional, and Parksmart Advisor. Rafael is currently part of the Parent   Advisory Committee for schools at Dream in Green, an Assistant Director at   the Risk Committee, and a member of the Board of Directors for Mercantil   Banco Universal, for Mercantil Servicios Financieros, and for Mercantil   Servicios Financieros Internacional. Having lived in Germany, Colombia and   Spain, Rafael has always believed in giving back to the community as a way   of expressing gratitude for receiving him, working with the Research Center   for Unprotected Youth and Children in Bogotá and with the Tecnocampus   University in Matarò, Spain. He is also a member of the USGBC Florida   Market Leadership Advisory Board. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela,   Rafael with his wife Patricia and their kids Alessia and Matteo live in   Miami. Contact Rafael ...

 Juliette Desfeux, Sustainability Advisor

 Juliette Desfeux is a Sustainability Advisor for Spinnaker Group. Juliette has   earned three LEED Accredited Professional credentials (BD+C, ID+C and ND),   is also an EcoDistricts Accredited Professional, and has a Master's degree in   Architecture and Urban Planning from the "Politecnico di Torino" in Italy.   Until the end of 2019, she worked as a sustainable consultant in Tahiti,   French Polynesia, helping the government and local architects promote and   develop green construction in a remote-island context. Juliette has lived in   several European countries while studying and working as an urban   planner. In 2014, she moved to Lima, Peru, honing her skills as a LEED   consultant while working on LEED certification from corporate to education   building projects. She can communicate fluently in four languages -- her   native French and Spanish, Italian, and English. She has been volunteering   with several organizations in France, Peru and Tahiti, as she is passionate   about coral reef protection and concerns about sea-level rise. Juliette believes   that sustainable practices are keys in construction and planning because   buildings and infrastructures "are marks that we cannot erase so easily,   which is why it is our duty to think about sustainable strategies that, if done   right, will bring huge advantages to our lives and health." Originally from   Brittany, France, she lives with her husband in Coral Springs, FL, along with   their loyal four-legged companion, Malibu.  Contact Juliette ...

Marta Valens, Business Administrator 

Marta Valens joined the Spinnaker Group family in August 2020, as Business Administrator. A highly organized office administrator with more than 30 years of experience, Marta’s well-rounded career experience represents strong analytical, communication and collaboration skills; staff and office management; event coordination, and informational counseling. She is exceptionally skilled at team and project management -- paying attention to the smallest of details and overall execution is a major plus to the Spinnaker team and our clients. Cuban-born, Marta is fluent in Spanish. This resourceful administrator is passionate about volunteering and community advocacy. Marta, her husband Umberto and their dog Buddy (a Coton de Tulear breed) reside in Pompano Beach, Florida. Young adult children are Phillip who resides in Fort Lauderdale, and Micaella who resides in New York.  Contact Marta ...

Sourya Dutta, Commissioning Agent

Sourya Dutta works as a Commissioning Agent with Spinnaker Group. Sourya received his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, with minor in Energy Management, from the University of Florida in December 2018. After graduation, he interned at Wood Group, Florida, as an Energy Engineer. He has more than five years on-site and off-site O&M experience in the Energy Sector and Power Plant industry, and is passionate about energy efficiency
and energy conservation. Owing to his passion, Sourya has worked in the Industrial Assessment Center at UF and carried out energy audits in process industries as per DOE guidelines.  He is also impassioned about renewable energy, and worked with solar parabolic collectors at the UF Solar Energy Park.  He is an Engineer-in-Training and a LEED AP O+M.  Sourya is
a member of ASHRAE, as well.  In his spare time, he loves playing cricket. Originally from Kolkata, India, he and his wife live in Lauderhill. 
Contact Sourya ...

 Amy Ford, Sustainability Advisor

 Amy Ford joined Spinnaker Group in January 2021, stepping into the role   of Junior Sustainability Advisor. Amy holds several accreditations including   LEED AP BD+C, LEED AP O+M, WELL AP, Assoc. AIA, and Sustainable   Business Associate. She is passionate about the environment and sustainable   development, earning degrees in Environmental Studies: Value, Planning,   Policy, and Architecture. Until the end of 2019, Amy worked as a   Sustainability Program Manager in Orlando, Florida, working on a variety of   undertakings, including sustainability initiatives, benchmarking, and green-   building projects. She has always believed in giving back to her   communityactively volunteering with the Orlando Green Building Council   and the nonprofit IDEAS For Us (an environmental solutions incubator   advancing sustainability through local action projects). She also served as a   volunteer Board member of the Sustainability Advisory Board for the City of   Palm Bay, where she was influential in developing a Sustainability Action   Plan for the city. Amy believes the relationship people have with their   environment has a profound impact on our world, and that it is up to us   individually and collectively to ensure our future and the quality of life for   forthcoming generations. She is committed to advancing the United Nation’s   Sustainability Development Goals addressing complex environmental   problems through a multidisciplinary approach. Originally from New Jersey,   Amy currently lives in Melbourne, Florida. Contact Amy ...

Steve Samenski, Director of Building Performance

After first joining Spinnaker Group in 2007, Steve Samenski has recently returned as the company's Director of Building Performance. With over 30 years of experience in facility design, construction, analysis, and maintenance, Steve focuses continually on identifying and meeting the needs of building owners. In his capacity as commissioning engineer, Steve has shepherded nearly one billion square feet of interior space from drawing board to opening day, successfully completing projects in the healthcare, hospitality, commercial, government, educational and multi-family residential sectors. Steve is a registered PE in the state of Florida and also holds LEED AP BD+C and CxA certifications. In addition to LEED, he is fully versed in FGBC and IgCC construction regimes. As Director of Building Performance, Steve is working
to apply the rigor and efficiency of the green building world to the existing building sector, encompassing services such as retro-commissioning, energy auditing, monitoring-based commissioning, and benchmarking. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Steve has weathered more than 20 Florida hurricane seasons. He lives in Fort Lauderdale with his husband and two very badly behaved dogs.
  Contact Steve ...

 Jared Jacobs, Development Intern

 Jared Jacobs joined Spinnaker Group in January 2021, working within the firm's   Strategy area. Formally trained in media production with PBS, Jared has   maintained a colorful career at the intersections of production and   environmental stewardship. He brings with him a perspective ranging from   experience working with international conservation groups we all recognize and   the tribes whose settlements predate the modern built environment, to the   massive floating commercial cities off our coast and the Grammy-winning artists   whose videos flood our screens. Beyond the technical training of production and   media, Jared is trained in the topics he is most passionate about -- he is a LEED   Green Associate, Parksmart Advisor, an Urban Greenhouse Gas Inventory   Specialist, an Accredited member of the Congress for the New Urbanism, a Smart   Cities Practitioner, an associate with Eco-Districts, Envision Sustainability Professional, AICP Certified Planner, and an ADA Coordinator with a   focus on transit. Jared will continue to focus his lens on the reciprocal balance   within the systems we call home, this space where Spinnaker Group is a catalyst.   Jared currently lives in a high-density area with a walk score of 95. 
 Contact Jared ...

Charity Pena, Senior LEED Compliance Engineer 

Charity Pena joined the Spinnaker Group family in August 2021 as Senior LEED Compliance Engineer. She is currently coordinating the project team’s compliance with the LEED requirements of the new Kuwait International Airport Terminal 2 project. Charity is an Architect who has shifted her passion to the sustainable development industry as her life's work as a response to the impending and insidious climate change debacle facing the world. She has been responsible of numerous LEED projects -- her architectural and design skills, as well as her innate ability to work with stakeholders and mentoring staff under her supervision, played a major role in successfully certifying more than 55 new buildings for clients during her tenure in the UAE. She is a LEED AP Legacy since 2008 and a BD+C since 2009, as well as a version 4 BD+C since 2016. She is a registered and licensed Architect from her home country. Additionally, Charity is a Estidama PQP (Pearl Qualified Professional) for Villas (PVRS), Buildings (PBRS) and Community (PCRS) -- a Green Building Rating System by Abu Dhabi UAE’s Urban Planning Council. She has also successfully certified many Estidama projects. She is currently pursuing GSAS – CGP (Global Sustainability Assessment System - Certified Green Professional), a performance-based system in the MENA region. In her spare time, she enjoys singing with her bandmates. Charity is originally from the Philippines but has been based in the Middle East since 2007. Contact Charity ...

Rafael Sanchez
Amy Ford

Muhammad Shoaib, Building Performance Advisor

Muhammad Shoaib is a Building Performance Advisor with Spinnaker Group, working in Building Performance and Sustainability. He has a Masters in Construction Engineering and Management from the National University of Sciences and Technology, Erasmus Mundus Masters in Building Information Modeling from Politecnico di Milano and Universidade do Minho, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore. He has over 5 years of experience on LEED, WELL, and ILFI projects before joining Spinnaker Group. Muhammad holds several credentials which include LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP, WELL Performance Testing Agent, WELL Faculty, Building Performance Analyst, Open-Source Leader, Cradle to Cradle Catalyst, and Autodesk Student Expert. He is the first-ever Pakistani to be selected as WELL Faculty and to earn WELL Performance Testing Agent titles by the International WELL Building Institute, and for the UN-SDSN fellowship. Muhammad currently serves on the IEQ LEED TAG Committee and the IWBI City Advisory group. He also served as an exam review committee member for IWBI, Proposal Reviewer for GreenBuild, and WELL advisory for the Health Safety Rating 2020 standard development. He is part of the research team at the Sustainable Real Estate Research Center at Shue Yan University, Hong Kong. He published his research in the MPDI Journal of sustainability and smart infrastructure conference held at the University of Cambridge, UK. The research discusses sustainability and economies of high rise and safety knowledge sharing with the help of the Internet of things (IoT), WEB 2.0, and mobile apps respectively. Further, he was selected for Yenching social innovative forum at Peking University, China, and the 19th World Festival for Youth and Students in Sochi, Russia. In 2019 he worked with UN-SDSN as a Local Pathway Fellow. Born in Pakistan, Muhammad has lived in Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Zurich, Milan, the UK, and is currently living in Dublin, Ireland where he enjoys the serenity and bucolic development.

Contact Muhammad...

Alyssa-Amor Gibbons, Junior Sustainability Advisor

Alyssa-Amor Gibbons is a Junior Sustainability Advisor with Spinnaker Group and an architectural designer with 8+ years of experience in a wide variety of projects throughout the Caribbean and the UK. She is a LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction (LEED AP BD+C), residential Homes (LEED AP Homes), and a LEED Green Rater. With an Masters of Engineering (Dual Honours) in Structural Engineering and Architecture from The University of Sheffield as her multidisciplinary background and a specialization in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Alyssa's educational background fosters her passion for designing and delivering architecture that tells a story of consideration, environmental consciousness, energy efficiency, and resilience.

Alyssa lives on the beautiful island of Barbados and when she is not in the studio…Alyssa is somewhere in nature or underwater exploring the deep blue!

Contact Alyssa...

Lizette Nguyen, Junior Energy Analyst

Lizette joined Spinnaker Group on May 2022 as a Junior Energy Analyst. In the Spring of 2019, she graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and specialization in Energy Systems. During her undergraduate experience, she managed the UCI Solar Car Team, where she built up her skills in project management, energy efficiency, and energy systems design. Lizette has two years of experience in MEP consulting as a Commissioning Engineer, where she worked mainly on healthcare construction, writing and executing functional performance tests, analyzing trend data, and assisting with design reviews for MEP systems. She ultimately decided to pursue energy modeling in hopes of making an impact within the energy efficiency and climate solutions industry. She is an Engineer-in-Training for the state of California, where she was born and raised. Lizette currently resides in Southern California with her chihuahua-pug, Cheese.

Contact Lizette...

Sofia Farah, Sustainability Advisor

Sofia joined Spinnaker Group in September 2022, stepping into the role of Sustainability Advisor, where she consults and leads teams on achieving LEED and FGBC certifications.  She is an experienced Architect and Urban Planner that is passionate about the environment and sustainable development, holding several accreditations including LEED AP O+M and TRUE Advisor.   Sofia has over eight years of extensive experience in sustainable design, efficiency, management and assessment in different sectors such as buildings, cities and products. She has worked as a Senior Sustainability Project Manager in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she has achieved internationally recognized certifications for 30 buildings. With a goal to contribute and take action towards a more sustainable future, Sofia continues to educate herself on the sustainable holistic development of cities, currently studying Smart Cities - Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures. Finding inspiration in young future leaders, Sofia has committed to teaching them about environmental problems and sustainability solutions as a university instructor of sustainable design (Notions of Sustainability & Bioenvironmental Design courses, 60+ students).

Contact Sofia...

Dior Castaneda, Commissioning Agent

Dior joined Spinnaker Group in October 2022 as a Commissioning Agent. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Central Florida. After graduating from the university, Dior moved to Austin, Texas where he worked as an Energy Engineer, focused on Retro-Commissioning. During his time in Texas, he traveled to multiple armed forces bases including those of the National Guard, Army, and Air Force where he improved HVAC systems through functional performance testing and consulted on BAS systems. Dior has moved back to South Florida bringing his knowledge and experience to help ensure building performance for Spinnaker's clients. He was an active member of SHPE Austin and served on their board as the Director of Community Outreach. He is looking forward to serving his local South Florida community through volunteering and his through his work with Spinnaker Group. 

Contact Dior...